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We Are Inheritance Advance Specialists

If you are an heir or beneficiary of a pending inheritance of cash, securities, or other marketable liquid assets and need FAST CASH TODAY...we can help.  At Capital Max Quotes, we are experts in securing the ready cash you require through the mechanism of an Inheritance Advance. You can receive an inheritance advance of up to $250,000 regardless of your credit usually within 7-10 days of your completed application.  There are no monthly principal or interest repayments to make while the inheritance is tied up in probate.  Your Inheritance Advance is paid when the estate settle.  Our expert contract buyers can provide estate beneficiaries with immediate cash which can be used for....

Estate Planners and Attorneys Specializing in Family Law

Inheritance Advances are a unique product which provides estate liquidity when needs of the beneficiaries and heirs are greatest and cash is in short supply. They can also provide the necessary capital for fees when provisions of the will are contested and cash is needed for defense.  Contact us when the need arises to access immediate cash (for almost any reason) when settlement of the estate is going to be delayed.

Need an Inheritance Advance for immediate cash?

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